Cloud Platform Solution for Transmission Efficiency and Data Security



P2P Connectivity

Point-to-point (P2P) connection is Kalay’s first and most vital technology.

Highly-efficient and suitable for applications in video surveillance products and transmission of large “audio/video” files.

Main Feature

Ideal for video surveillance products that require high transmission efficiency and low latency.

5 Advantages

Leverages P2P technology to deliver content without relying on a third-party and to significantly reduce latency.

Setup Amazon AWS or AliCloud servers based on equipment region or business needs.

Supports more than 250 SoCs, enabling connectivity and integration of Kalay Platform to help reduce development costs.

Uses P2P technology with a "decentralized" architecture to provide a more secure data transmission.

Save on costs for server implementation and data transmission.

Suitable Products

Internet-enabled devices with video surveillance or audio/video transmission capability.

More Features

Products integrated with Kalay SDK will have P2P capability. Kalay Platform also provides a comprehensive cloud structure and scalable modular features to help businesses create value-added services.


IoT Connectivity

Kalay Platform 2.0 applies high-penetration P2P technology to enable IoT devices and cloud services.

A decentralized architecture designed specifically for smart home applications.

Main Feature

Kalay Platform’s “decentralized” architecture improves M2M data security and transmission efficiency.

4 Advantages

Enables smart consumer devices to be interconnected, regardless of the brand and communication protocol.

Complete Hausetopia certification process to use the Hausetopia app to control all smart products.

Integrate Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other smart assistants to complete smart home solution.

Allow users to define and customize interactions between devices.

Suitable Products

Internet-enabled smart devices, including small home appliances and sensors, that are connected to routers.

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