IoT Solutions for Automotive Journeys

Connected Cars

Vehicles equipped with onboard monitoring devices and mobile networking capabilities are becoming increasingly mainstream. The Kalay Cloud Platform offers real-time video transmission, event recording, and push notifications services for smart vehicles and self-driving vehicles to ensure that vehicle operations and drivers are safe.

On-board Systems


Smart Rearview Mirrors

The Kalay Cloud Platform’s real-time video transmission technology creates a safer environment for both the inside and outside of the vehicle.

Real-time Video Streaming

Fleet managers can monitor vehicle activities in real time via live streaming video cameras, and store videos and images to the cloud and/or SD card of the device.

Collision and Emergency Video Recording

When a parked vehicle suffers a collision or unauthorized entry, in-vehicle camera devices will immediately start video recording and alert the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner will be able to remotely view the video images in real time or play back recorded videos.

Automatic Collision, Theft, and Fatigue Detection Notification

When a parked or moving vehicle suffers from emergency, such as motion detection of theft or fatigue driver, an automatic notification or an in-vehicle alarm will sound to alert and provide enhanced protection for the driver and vehicle.

Account and Device Management

All smart functions are integrated into a single interface, providing a streamlined and efficient user experience. The vehicle owner or manager can easily control and monitor all the connected IoV devices through the management platform.

Over-the-Air Firmware Updates

The firmware of the video monitoring system enables automatic updates remotely over-the-air. Vehicle owners can continuously enjoy the latest software versions and functionalities without having to take the vehicle physically to the shop.

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